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Forklift Repairs including JCB, Bobcat, & Manitou

Forklift Repairs in the Newcastle Cental Coast Hunter Valley and Pt Sephens Areas

All makes and models including JCB, Bobcat, Manitou Forklift

All our service vehicles are fully stocked to carry out onsite maintenance but if you are in need of more major repair we have a 520 square mtr workshop located Bulls Garden Road Gateshead with extensive facilities for carrying out just about any repair or overhaul

Our services include

Engine Transmission differential mast steering trunion repairs reconditioning

Hydraulics- Rebuilding cylinders pumps valves hoses pressure testing

Desiel- Injectors and pump servicing

LPG- Repairs servicing convertors mixers recertification

Electrical -alternators starter motors strobe lights reverse alarms lights batteries fault finding

Mast- repairs rollers wear strips carriages load guards lift chains bushes tynes

Brake- relines repair reco m/cing overhauls

Tyres -Exchange wheels rebonding onsite press truck

Pressure -cleaning Degreasing

Welding- fabrication repairs modifications

Battery -electric traction batteries cell replacement charger repairs traction motor reconditioning

Attachments- sideshifts jibs weight guages

Spare parts -seats bearings bushes seals tie rod ends over $10,000 in stock

Safteyi tems - Seat belts rear vision mirrors grip tape speed controllers

Warranty all work and parts are covered by warranty unless specified

Loan or Rental forklifts available

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